Monday, July 9, 2012


He was born to rule, exclaims as if he was born in a king’s palace! He was born a normal middle class human being. Right from childhood he was taught to respect people, yes respect lies in his blood and not royalty.

Everyone thinks he is well settled man, having everything he desired, the truth is that he is left out everywhere, its just an illusion he presents..

To talk about his FAME, he is only famous among few, God knows why he named himself a STAR..

He never dreams BIG, he has normal thoughts and vision. He is one of the toppers of his class, yet he is abused frequently for not studying and being busy with his STUPID works!
He talks many big things; rather gives lectures to everyone about their deeds. Though he knows that people never take him seriously, yet he goes on and on..

Many have proved him time and again that he is NOTHING, yet he tries to act that he is EVERYTHING..

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