Monday, June 4, 2012


In today’s world everyone believes in showmanship. Everyone tries to pretend which they never actually are. Life seems to moving in an imagination state, because all we see around us is just an image of what people want to show about themselves. Someone pretends to be calm, someone classy, but are they? No one knows the actual person but the person himself.

“I am a good human being, I love to help people” are the statements for their own beneficial and need. Someone pretends to know NOTHING and some EVERYTHING! Why people try to show only their good part, why not the devil part? What is wrong in that, it’s a part of one’s life.

“ I was born rich, handsome, etc” are the statements DECLARED by people, IGNORING the fact that they haven’t worked a bit for those terms, its only what they have inherited from their parents. Never be proud of your good looks, its only an image of your parents.

Why people want NAME & FAME? Why not work for his/her own satisfaction! The one who pretends to be PREFECT and exclaims his/her life to be perfect, believe me they are the most unhappy person on the earth. These people love to party a lot to neglect the pity of being alone.

Many people get attracted to one’s personality and starts behaving like that ONE, leaving his/her own distinguished personality. You are only one of kind, please don’t be FAKE.

People usually misinterprets ATTITUDE with FAKE, the way differs a lot. “I CAN” is fake, but “I WILL” is ATTITUDE. Attitude comes from within and fake is all about what one wants to show. Everyone has this term “ATTITUDE” within themselves, its only how one uses it.

When you really have something, it needs no showmanship. Rest all is FAKE!!

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