Thursday, July 26, 2012


A being is not everything, but definitely is something. Life teaches everything but everyone shows nothing.
Toppers are proud of their good performances, facebook status are regularly update about their achievement, knowing the fact that it is temporary and will soon fade away.
People become jealous, a friend becomes foe and an untold gap is drawn between them.
No one ever thinks before discarding someone's work. No one bothers either because they are in much better position or they have immense power to do that!
The things are only used when we are in need of that thing! The things which are created with pure love and dedication, are claimed by some other people..
The shoes wore for innumerable times, finally bluffs in the stony roads.
Forgiveness is just an illusion like setting of a sun. It shows that its has set, but actually never sets..
The plant nurtured by someone now seeks fruits to others. At times when hungry, the people complain of stealing their fruits.
A baby is unaware of any fact, respect, ego, attitude and the world. He cries in front of everyone because he doesn't care who is near him. And this is the most realistic cry!
It takes days to draw the blue print, years to build the building and seconds to destroy it.
There was a time when passion was addiction, and now addiction has become passion!
Everything was to end soon, but the soon was tomorrow, it was never expected!!
I don't know what went wrong, the once everything and is now nothing..

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