Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Take care of your buddy!

Eat,eat and eat!Nowadays,many teens are overweight and unfit. Many surveys had found out that more and more young people suffer from obesity,damaging their health.Therefore, stop eating too much!That is not alone about your appearance, but also abut your health.
Lack of sport is a major problem causing teenagers overweight.Without consumption of calorioes, they will accumlate in your body. Then,you will get fatter and fatter.Unfortunately, most young people love playing video games and computer rather than sport.Of course, the intake of the diet cannot be cancelled out.Overweight body is resulted eventually.
Another reason is due to high content of calories in the diet.Eat too much calories is harmful as they will deposit in our blood vessels.This leads to fat bodies and then heart dieases.
Youngsters are under stress as the school work is so busy.Eating candies and snack is a common method to relieve pressure.However,it is unwise because candies and snack doom you to gain weight easily.
In fact,we can only use one rule to solve the problem-the uptake should be always greater than the intake !
Playing sport is a good method to lose weight.Besides,you will feel more comfortable after played sport.Hence, you cann see it as a relaxing practise to relieve stress.
To avoid the high content of calories,you should have a balanced diet. Don't eat too much snack!Eat much more fruits and vegetables instead of meat and carbohydrates.They also can make you feel full.
Our bodies are belonged to us.Nobody know it better than ourselves and we will suffer if there is anything going wrong of our bodies.Being fit is good for our health and hence we should keep fit from now on! Care about your buddy - body,let's keep fit today!

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