Friday, May 13, 2011

College-A Step Towards Reality

I always use to think that succeeding in college is about going to class, studying, and working hard.  But what you might not realize is that you can do all of these things and still not succeed..
For example, in high school lots of decisions are made for you—what classes you take, when you take them, what books to buy, how many pages to read each night, and so on.
Not so in college.  One have to make a lot of decisions on his own.  How will you schedule your time?  How late will you stay up?  How much partying will you do?  How many classes will you cut?  In college you won’t be reminded about exams and due dates.  Your teachers and parents won’t be around to make sure you do the “right things.”
Now, this new freedom might sound great; and it is, sort of.  But, let’s say for example, that you spend a lot of time staying up late, hanging with friends.  You could run out of time the night before a paper is due.  You could be tired all of the time, fall asleep in class, and maybe get sick because you did not get enough sleep.  Spending hours on facebook will be a nominal thing for you….
You could lose points for not attending class, even for showing up late, or for forgetting to hand in a paper.  The reality is that the decisions you make can cost you and your parents a lot of wasted, time, effort, and money…not to mention your happiness.
You also have to learn how to work with professors and adapt to the many differences you will find in a college classroom.
So college means that you have to make a lot of your own decisions, and, in most colleges, you will be making these decisions with little guidance or support.   You don’t need someone to nag you or lecture you about what you should or shouldn’t do.  What you need is someone you can talk to.. Someone who will not judge you and will always be there for you every time.


  1. Grt beautifully u have expressed a common problem in your generation...the best part is u've realized so early...but dont worry we are always here to help u ...whenever u need our support and guidance...TC
    Rajshree Chatterjee