Friday, May 13, 2011

My first year in the college - An article concerning to all….

I Left my home and my hometown with tears in my eyes, waving my hand and watching my mother going apart from me. It was an unexpressive moment for me, there was a curiosity of an independent life ahead along with a deep sorrow within my heart of departing from EVERYONE.
I reached Delhi on 1st of August last year. A new city and a new life to adjust into. Everything was huge, buildings, people, status. Felt a bit outdated and backward. Two of my lifetime wishes came true by time, a personal room and of course a personal computer.
It was 16th of August when my uncle dropped me to the college and showed the path. With semi-courage in my nerves went to the classroom. Unknown faces, people, and unwanted attitude.. I was in super formal as instructed made me feel more pathetic. Learning the lifestyle and state of fashion I was deeply affected and literally felt like a gawar.
With a basic intro of our selves classes began..  New faculties and our seniors were the best one can dream of..Time passed by, I got along with all including faculties and started opening up with them.. My inner soul pumped up and rose up to where it was in the school days. Playing pranks, asking stupid questions, joking, laughing had become my life..
Enjoyed in the canteen with friends and gossips in the lectures.  Sitting hours on facebook, chatting with old friends had become a hobby.. Visiting new places was very memorable part. Wrote articles, completed assignments,  made cartoons and invented the Bose Documentaries..
I found shadow of my parents in my faculties  and college hours became my happiest hours of the day.. This was the most special year of my life.. Evolved from nil to where I stand now.. With all ups and downs, appreciations and disheartening.. Learned a lot, lived each moment like never before.
Cried and missed my mom quite often in loneliness. A year passed by, and it all seems like yesterday was 1st of August.

( The most closest and dearest article of mine )