Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Life have been so mysterious these days. I have seen many things which I never dreamt of. These few days have been so rude and egoistic to me.  Spend the entire day with one time meal. With not a single penny left in my pocket, it really feels awful. Resisting myself in this big city with no one to hold my hand and say, “hey chill everything is OK”.

Nothing seems the same as before. I have been rejected in almost every organization because of my poor English communications. They say,” you have nothing special dude”. I never dream of this line ever! Left everything, EVERYTHING! The once everything is now NOTHING!!

With all the failure, I walk alone in the streets of this BIG city with a hope of success. I WAS rich at a time, but not anymore. I understood its all because of my parents that I never felt this agony before. I am asked to return back home everyday but I deny with a fact that ill how long I can resist myself with them. A day will come when I have to face this again, then why not today!

I have rejected offers earlier in the college time, yeah I was being great! Then why Im regretting those decisions now? I just wanna burst out in tears but, I dnt cry anymore, rather I cant cry anymore. My tears are wrecked out a long time back.

Im turning into a devil as the days are passing by.  I shout at people for no reason, Im jealous of other’s success, I don't wanna help anyone, anymore, I don’t want to talk to anyone any more. The only thing I can think about is myself. I have become helpless and duly falling, someone please come and hold me tight. I don't want to fall here.

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  1. dont fall keep moving..:) because the night might b too long but the dawn is never that far away..:)
    read this..;) u must have read this before but go through it again..;)