Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Do you know what your oldest relationship is? Its with your mother. She had been taking care of you even before you were born. Today you exist because of her. No matter what you become, always remember, its all because of her. She was the one who taught you to take your first step. She was the one who taught your first lesson of you English book. She was with you when you knew none. She sheltered you and fed you when you were not even born.

May be at times, she doesn’t show the same intense and love, but she always do care for you. She will sacrifice anything for just one smile of yours. She will never ask for anything and only want your happiness no matters what. You are the most special person she has ever got.

Here is a beautiful story of a sacrificing mother: This all began in the year 1994. She lived with a joint family and had two children. She was very disappointed that her first son was taken to a Hindi medium school and made up her mind to send her second son to a good English medium school by any means, knowing the fact her husband could never afford one. She brought home forms for admission. She was shattered by her family’s reaction. Everyone laughed at her and said she was insane.

She was forced to throw her dreams to thrash. She went against her in laws and got her son to an English medium school. Her husband duly supported her. Things changed and they had to shift to new place. With a limited source of income of her husband, it was getting difficult every day to afford and English medium school.

Fees were due since months, but she managed to ask for some more time form the principal. But a day came, when her husband was called for a meeting regarding fees. Fees of five months were due. He begged but principal was least interested. She sold her marriage jewelries to give the due fees of the school, as that was the only asset left with her.

Days passed by, they were getting poor because of an English medium school. She couldn’t even afford a new sari. She slept starving but made sure that her children never had the same. At times, she cried hard in pain but she always felt helpless every time. She was suffering from high blood pressure, but she couldn’t afford medicines. She was taken ill and hospitalized and her husband had to take a loan for her treatment. She returned home healthy after 2 weeks.

It was the year, 2002 when God blessed them.  Her husband got promotion and everything became a bit better. Year, 2005 when her husband got noticed for his hard working and got promoted to one of the highest positon of that company. Today they are happy and sound.
RESPECT you mother and all the sacrifices she did or does for you!!

“Yun to wo dikhlati nhi, teri parwah krti hai maa…”

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