Thursday, December 6, 2012

The diary of a girl

I was born in a higher middle class family. Brought up with immense care and love. I am everyone’s favorite and laadli of my parents. A learned dancer and painter. I have “N” number of friends, who really cares for me. I have everything, happiness, contentment and bliss.

Bold, beautiful, mean, a bit suborned, rude and egoistic. Still people love me and respect me. I am always accompanied with a large group of friends, who has supported me in every span of this beautiful life. Though boys are crazy about me but I will be marrying the one whom I loved since I was a student.

In entire school life, I was praised duly for my work and behavior. Made my parents proud and upgraded our surname. Since childhood I was very studies and understood things well. My parents have always supported me in every time I need them.

My life is a bit different from others. I am blessed with some special attributes. Got everything what and when I demanded. Today I stand before a mass, praising me. Everyone wants to join me and be a part of this perfect life.

“It’s all which I always dreamt of… Rest is all an illusion…”

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