Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zilla Ghaziabad

Though I had been to this city quite a time, but shifted for my higher education in the year 2010. A city situated on the northwest by Baghpat District, on the north by Meerut District, on the east by Hapur, on the southeast by Bulandshahr District, on the southwest by Gautam Buddha Nagar District, and on the west by Delhi state across the Yamuna River. Ghaziabad was found by Ghaziuddin Siddiqi. After the opening the railway line the name of the place was shortened to Ghaziabad.

During these few years I have noticed that this city is too fond of music. Autos are the shaan of this city. Their music systems fails every SONY EXPLODE & BOSE SPEAKERS. A city where people remember other’s sister and mother in every conversation. Respect, Ha Ha!! It’s a very cheap and reasonable city to reside IN.

This city has its beauty and importance of its own. The night scene at the Hindon bridge is not less than Marine drive of Mumbai. Its my personal favorite scene in the entire city. Ghaziabad is also called the manufacturing hub of India, because of heavy industrialization. As it's boundary is adjacent to Delhi, it acts as the main entrance of Uttar Pradesh and that is why it is also called the CAPITAL GATEWAY OF U.P. It is also a very important satellite city of National Capital Region.

Ghaziabad district, India has a population of 4,661,452, roughly equal to the nation of Ireland or the US state of South Carolina. The city is also known for the world’s largest power project, managed by the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC). It comes in top 10 fastest growing city in the world (though its rank is 10th)

Ghaziabad has over 100 registered schools and colleges in its boundary. Fondly called as the Oxford of the North and the HOT CITY of National Capital Region of India, Ghaziabad as a City & District has grown manifolds over the past few years.

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