Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Belief

Have you ever thought how it feels when you love and respect someone duly but you dont get the same respect and care back. This is the harsh truth of life. We are demanding we are possessive; we are selfish in our means. You wait for someone and think that someday or the other they will understand you and will return to you, but just for an instance they never return back. They rather move on and that poor guy still waits for their return.
There is always a person who does everything for you but they shouldn’t ask or expect the same for themselves. There are times you need someone to side beside you and say, “Hey, don’t worry, everything is gonna be alright...” But these times are less and only some people are fortune enough to get this console.  
Here is story, a man did everything for his friends, and he never asked anything back. One day the man calls up everyone and asks for a help. Everyone denies helping him saying they had some other more important works to do that day. He cried and calmed himself and said, “no worries folks, I will manage, you carry on guys..”
Just imagine, those people didn’t have time for that man who believes they were his friend. The worst part was that, the same group was found partying that day. The man waited and still believed he will get what he deserves. Today all of his friends are well settled and there is an interesting fact about that man, none of them know where he is. When asked, the only reply which everyone tells, “Don’t know where is that emotional fool! He was a good man”
No one bothered to care about that man. They had moved on…

Khud se hara aye khuda
Tujhse kya shikwa ya gila
Raah dikha us sarfire ko
Khud ko mitane chala hai aj wo

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