Sunday, March 10, 2013

Life (Same to Same)

Everything is same, yet quite different. I am the same old boy, yet quite different. In last few days, something has changed in me. We humans want everything at once. We don’t want anything to change, yet it changes and we adopt it.

When I was a child, I only wished to see my mom standing at the gate of my school at the dispersal to take me back home. When I move to high school, I always wished to have a bigger lunch breaks, so that I can play more. When I returned home, I only wished to have some food, cooked by the world’s best cook, MY MOTHER.

When I was in class 10, I always wished that sports period should not be removed in class 11, but it was only a dream. When I moved to class 12, I always wished that our school days never ended. With tears in my eyes, I moved on. I had promised my love to stay with her forever, but left her back in hometown and I moved to Delhi. Left my hometown, a place where I spent my entire life till then. Left my parents, relatives, and everyone and stepped into a new phase of life, GRADUATION.

In my early days of college, I missed my old school days and wished my friends were with me. As the time passed by, I wished, this college life should never come to an end. But nothing helped, it too ended one day. Within a wink of an eye, it all ended. I still wished everything to remain same to same, but it didn’t. I stepped forward to the next phase of my life, JOB.

Today I am working but my heart still wants the same old days. Where my mother woke me up, where I kicked my brother, where I dated my love, where I hang out with my friends. I want to enjoy everything at the same time. I want to live with my family, having the same friends around me from my school and college days. I only wish to smile.

“There is something in everyone’s life, which they always wish but it’s impossible! If one says nothing is impossible, rather he doesn’t know what life is!”

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