Sunday, February 24, 2013


Time has changed so did I. Everything around me is exactly same, yet seems quite different. I am feeling awful these days. I don’t have time, yet there is ample time. I never dealt this kind of pressure before. Ignoring the love which I received from everyone. Changing like never before and with a much faster pace.

I am 21 now, and I have no idea how these years passed by. Today when I turn back, and question about my good old days, it seems so stress less and happy. May be it’s the next stage of life I am stepping onto. I understood and learnt many new things. Seen some new situations and conditions which I never dream of. Fading away in the glory of work and the phase of this life.

The ones without whom I couldn't live a few months back, have now learnt to resist myself. No facebook, no blogging, no desire of anything new these days. Yes, this is my next phase, but to be true I don’t want this! To quote my favorite poem, “Childhood” written by Marcus Natten.
When did my childhood go?
Was it the day I ceased to be eleven.
Was it the time I realized that Hell and Heaven,
Could not be found in Geography,
And therefore could not be,
Was that the day!

When did my childhood go?
Was it the time I realized that adults were not
All they seemed to be,
They talked of love and preached of love,
But did not act so lovingly,
Was that the day!

When did my childhood go?
Was it when I found my mind was really mine?
To use whichever way I choose,
Producing thoughts that were not those of other people
But my own and mine alone
Was that the day!

Where did my childhood go?
It went to some forgotten place,
That is hidden in an infant’s face,
That’s all I know.

 “When I was a child, I always dreamt of working in an organization like my father, but today when I am working with one now, I just want to wake up in the morning at N-34/2, Telco Colony, Jamshedpur.”

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