Monday, November 19, 2012

IMS, My Home

It was 16th of August, 2010 when I first stepped in IMS. I still remember, It was sultry, humid day. We were instructed to wear formals, & luckily I was the only one in the class with super formals. Borrowed shirt from my grandpa and trouser from my uncle. I was looking stupid at its best, but indeed following instructions was my job! When I first stepped into the class, there was a huge crowd of unknown faces all over. I was chucked out of Film Institute’s entrance exam. “I had opted for editing!!”
I seated myself and made some friends, Naseem Khan was my first friend in IMS!! Then all of a sudden a lady entered and shouted at top of her voice, “Sit down everyone!! Fill all the details carefully”. Later we came to knew that she was one of our faculty, Miss Romica Bhat! I still remember a line, “files bateein nhi krti.. “. Ha ha, as if we didn’t knew..
Classes began the next day, and groups were already formed. I was too a part of this rituals. Naseem, Pulkit, Abdul & me of course started conversing with each other. I was very jealous of the “HOSTELER’s GROUP”, they were the one in limelight that time. Smart, classy, rich and that boy thing, they had everything in them.
Slowly and steadily I enrolled myself with everyone and finally one day I declared everything about Shruti.. Everyone was a bit shocked but appreciated me. Days passed by, I became more friendly with some more, Devyani, Sana, Rohit, Sanjay, etc.. I began writing articles and then promoted myself to blogs.
I was always said to be quite “bekaar” , never scored in internals and wasted my time in all other things. In the month of January, 2011 I went for my first shoot, DREAMS. Everyone loved my work including my HOD, Rajshree mam. Today, BDL exists because of you mam, without you motivation and urge, BDL wouldn’t have even born.. Afte this, I was sent to numerous number of practical shoots for college ( been to 24 shoots, till date). This shoots made me confident and definitely taught me many things.
Months passed by, I enrolled myself in more projects. My classmates joined me and helped me in every project I made. BDL made my friend circle bigger. Today I have best of my friends like Aamir, Rohit, Sanjay, Devyani, Sana, Prianca, Vishek, Vishal, Saurabh, Karishma, Shivani, Shobhit and many more.. Had been to an outing to Adventure Island once with everyone. For the first time I ENJOYED rides!! Particpated in Melange and won two shields.
1 year passed by, and a BRAND new batch came IN.. We were very excited to see them and felt a bit seniors type. An amazing feeling, which cant be expressed through words. Made “Wall of Democracy”.. Ha Ha, no one was democratic enough to watch the wall! College hours became the most important and lively hours of the day. Got a lump sum package offer from a company.
Collected money for fresher’s, but nothing helped. At last, with all lost hopes and wishes we had give a small fresher’s cum get together party later, when they weren’t fresher any more. The most memorable day of my college till date!! Students, dancing, singing, mimicry of faculties, poems and songs for teachers. Faculties too joined us and sang songs, acted, etc.
More months passed by, I became close to everyone (well I think so). I became friends with more number of people which included my lovely juniors too. 2nd year too passed by, leaving behind some wonderful memories. Stepped in our new campus as SUPER SENIORS!! Missed that feeling, which I felt last year, may be because it was few more months to go.. Rajshree mam left us.. Felt the distance everywhere.. Attendance was getting lesser every semester. Got closer to some of my favorite juniors, Praveen, Mani, NIharika, Rishabh, Priyanshi, Nupur, Avantika, etc. Had group chats for hours. Got addicted to facebook..
Want to write more, but I guess its too lengthy now and cannot afford to publish a book. In these years in IMS, I have only learned, made good friends, laughed, roamed, discovered new places, pet names, partied hard, cried, proposed most of girls I knew, made films, played pranks in the class, knocked doors, made few fans, and ya the last but not the least preached love.. With few more days left to leave my home, I wish we all will be together forever…. Love you all a lot.. I will miss you all like anything friends, teachers and IMS…

“Ye pal shayd fir kbhi na aye, isliy har pal ko jiya hai maine..”

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