Wednesday, September 8, 2010

World's Richest People

Its neither Bill Gates nor Ambanis, they are professionally trained beggars.. In a recent survey, you will be shocked to know that a beggar earns over 300 bucks a day!!!!!  Still they say bhagwan k naam pe kuch de do.. 
They are trained well from their childhood, and they know all the methods of pursuing people. If any mishap occurs in the family, like arm breaking, its a bonus for them. They use them as qualifications to ask more money.. 
It is mostly seen that beggars never take food as their alms,,, do you know why???, because 95% of the beggars eat in temples, five star hotels,etc. (So sad... I have never been to One), still they say they have nothing to eat..
Beggars are not choosers, who said!!! Recent example of Salman Khan giving a street beggar Rs.25000, started demanding for more.... Oh god give me Rs.25 and i will run to a eatery shop as soon as possible. Recently a film was made on  beggars, "Traffic Signal", is the best example of my article.
Though all are not the same, few needy do have problems thus they beg. But mostly take this as profession. Some beggars are just irritating and do things which are unbearable.

So from now on wards think before you help a beggar.

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