Friday, December 28, 2012


Throughout globe, there are two types of people who resides. One who acts according to the condition and one who makes those conditions! People usually have different perceptions over a person. Which I feel is completely wrong and unbiased. Judging someone has always been the favorite hobby of humans.

Superior and inferior are the two words which are only used by “SUPERIORS”. The people who thinks and adopts themselves as the boss acts stupidly at times because of the powers they inherited.

Let’s speak something about our daily life. If you are extrovert, you are regarded as talkative, crazy and a man of discomfort. Whereas if you are introvert, you are said to be mean, reserved and cunning! If you are hard working, you are also attached to be dumb and foolish, and if you don’t work, you are regarded as lazy and useless. Ha ha, same people have different perceptions over a same person.

There is something which can’t change the human mentality. They all are inventions of their kind. Some of the basic wrong concepts taken up are:

1.     Studies children studies maximum hours of the day, they don’t like partying and hanging out.

2.     Smokers are characterless people and always regarded as bad people.

3.     Wearing branded clothes and owning an expensive car makes someone rich.

4.     Love brings pain along with it. (My favorite one!)

People choose their friend circle according to their need and want, and would never allow anyone else to interfere. Now a day’s friendship is also done according to a person’s status and dignity. I have never seen a topper hanging out with the weakest brats of the school/college!! (Read twice)

Showcasing a talent has always been referred as show offs, until and unless that person becomes a celebrity. Helping someone doesn’t mean, it is done for fame. It’s our duty to help our weaker sections.

“Don’t be limited to your thoughts, take a step forward, think what the others think about you”

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