Monday, June 8, 2015

My Love Story

For the ones who believes in true love

So it all began when I was in school. My name is Divya and I am a middle class girl with some not so middle class dreams. My father works in private firm and I was the only child of my parents. We lived in Ghaziabad and had our own house. My father had spent all his saving in buying this house. It was small yet heaven for us. I had just completed my board exams and was waiting my results to be declared. I was an average student but a national level badminton player and thus quite famous in the school. I was also elected as the captain of Tagore house. 
There was three months gap between our exams and results. I was an introvert and thus never made friends. I had few and I was ok about this. My family was everything for me. Days were getting worse as it was boring to stay at home when I decided to join computer classes. I spoke to my father about this and he agreed at once. The institute was nearby and thus hardly took 10 minutes to reach there. It was exciting as I came to know new things about this gaming device. Yes, I only used computers to play games.
Everything was getting monotonous here as well when finally something happened.  A new student had taken admission in the institute. On an introduction I came to know that his name was Ram. He was attractive enough for my heart to melt upon him. He was a tall, handsome and had jet black eyes which mesmerized me every time I looked at them.
To speak about me, I was a fair looking girl with spectacles and hair parted with utmost cleanliness. I liked wearing more of jeans and t-shirts than feminine dresses. I was physically fit as I was an athlete.
Time went well now and the classes seemed to be more interesting to me than ever. He was quite intelligent and knew a lot about computers. He too had given his board exams and was waiting for the results eagerly.
It was 13th of April, 2005 when I first spoke to him. I asked him for a favor. I had some problems in understanding the formulas in excel. He was kind enough to help me. I had to ask the same doubt the next day as well as I was busy staring him when he was explaining the formulas. But he was kind enough to explain me again.
Time passed by and we kept conversing by asking silly doubts. We spent time together and enjoyed each other’s company very much. He was the only son and had lost his father at an early age. His mother was working in Axim Bank. He picked me up from my home for the classes. I was deeply in love with Ram and his hard working nature made me admire him.
It was 28th of May, 2005 and it was his birthday. I had planned this out a long time back. Ram was supposed to pick me up from my house and we had planned to bunk classes and go to a disc for celebrating his birthday. He picked me sharp at 9am from my house and we went to Black & White. I was dressed in black and he was looking incredibly elegant.
Music was loud and we were a bit drunk. He asked me for a dance and I couldn’t refuse. We danced for an hour or maybe more. I was hypnotized by the fact that Ram asked me for a dance. That day something happened which I had never dreamt of. He held me tight and his arms went around my waist and he pulled me closer. We kissed.
Ram: - I love you Divya
I was speechless for a moment and couldn’t believe what happened.
Ram: - I love you
Divya:- I love you too…..
And we kissed again, this time it was for a longer time. He dropped me home in the evening. I was very happy and amused about the thing which happened. I couldn’t sleep that night neither could he.
Ram: This was my best birthday ever.
Divya: This was the best day in my life.
We chatted for entire night. We were really close now. We hanged together more often after that day and bunked our classes regularly as we needed some privacy. We loved talking to each other and spending time together. We were in love.
It was 18th of June, 2005 when our results were out. I had cleared my boards with flying colors. Ram had topped not only in his school but in the entire state. We celebrated this in his house along with his mother. We all were happy but nothing lasts forever. Ram was offered scholarship at London University. He had already planned for this and was ready to move. I took admission in IMS, Delhi for my graduation. Ram left India on 2nd of July, 2005 for his further education.
We spoke less as we both were busy in our curriculum. We chatted in night for an hour or two. But we were happy. We both completed our graduation. Ram was placed there in a multinational corporation. I joined Hindustan Times as an intern. Everything was getting monotonous here when finally one day Ram rang me and asked me to move to London. I was ready to move but my parents didn’t agreed. I informed Ram the same and he was very disheartened. He was angry and didn’t spoke to me for a week or two. I was getting upset and curious. I just wanted to talk to him.
It was 15th of October, 2008, when I saw missed call from Ram. I quickly called him back but he didn’t answer. There was a knock at my door. I opened the door, its Ram along with his mother. I was shocked and speechless for a moment for I wasn’t expecting this on my birthday.
Ram had resigned and had permanently moved to India for me. We got married in the year 2009 and we now live in New Delhi. I am chief editor in Hindustan Times and he is working in IndiaMart as purchase head. We are proud parents of 2 children and love each other more every day.

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