Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Day

Did you ever wonder how life would be if you wake up and find no one in the house every day! You wake up and go straight to kitchen to cook for yourself. No one to bother you about your timely wake ups. No one to say about your food timings. You sleep late and wake up early. No one to cook for you. The one thing you care about is your work.
Some people work to live. Some work for money and some work just to work with no aim and intention. Sometimes work becomes their only savior. Sometimes it becomes necessary to keep you mind busy. For it may end up thinking about the harsh truth of life. Someday you just might be wondering about your life and asking questions about your existence. Writing articles, blogs or anything may seem interesting but it’s just a work which tempts you to indulge in.
Looking at some frames hanging on your wall and just waiting for that time to come when you can go off to sleep. The reality tends to mock you every time but you choose to fake each time. Enclosed in a room, silence all around and you just wish to talk to someone but never happens so.
Watching the clock click and some pictures to say a lot. Smoking cigarettes to calm down and surfing facebook to relax but everything looks so monotonous. Everyone is content and busy and meanwhile you pretend to be the same. You walk in the street with none. Enjoying food with none. Shopping for yourself with none. Watching a movie in a theater with none.
A day when you just need someone to stay. A day when you had cried a lot. A day when nothing happened. A day when you find no one to talk to. A day when you play loud music to cry loud. A day when you see your tears in the mirror. A day when you wash your face, smile in the mirror, switch off the light and go off to sleep. The next day the alarm buzzes and you go straight to kitchen to cook for yourself.

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