Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Secret World of a Girl

What does a girl shows herself to be is usually an illusion. They never show what they actually feel and believe. They too have wishes and demand which they never exclaim because of the circumstances. Few years back, I met a girl who was happy, satisfied and contented with her life. But it was all what she portrayed to us, there was deep sorrow and agony which prevailed in her..
Born and brought up in a middle class family, she always dream of becoming rich one day. She loved her family duly and couldn't resist a single moment without them. Her family was her only world. She was known to a very limited people and was happy going nature. She couldn't ask for more.

She truly believed and respected her elder brother. She always wished to have a husband like him.. She waited, and is still waiting for her love that could take care of her like her elder brother does. She likes holy places and spiritual locations where she finds pure bliss.

At times she finds herself helpless; she wants someone to console her. At times when she breaks down in tears, she wants someone to wipe them. At time when she needs someone to understand her, she converses with her almighty..

Always lived for others, and always wished for the same. She loves being different from others, because she doesn’t want ever to be part of this cruel world. She is not reserved; just didn’t find anyone calm enough to share things.

“I never shared my feelings to anyone,
And this was my mistake,
I lost all my loved ones,
Because I never praised them,
They thought me to be cruel,
And took me so wrong,
But none could thought,
That why was i not like them?
I was happy I was sad,
And sometimes I did behave bad,
That time I said I wanted to stay alone,
but in my heart I just wished someone,
who could say I will never leave alone...”

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