Thursday, September 20, 2012


The biggest question of my life. I lived in a conception that people loved me, respected me, but never thought it was just an illusion and some day or the other it would fade away. I was wrong about the hard earned respect, you don’t earn respect, you buy it. I bought it too but I never knew that I would be so expensive.

Spent my entire life in buying that respect yet I couldn’t buy it ever. People had me because I was rich and could buy their respect too. The closest ones disrespected me and left me nowhere. I loved them, enjoyed with them, removed every distance I could unaware of the fact that they only made fun behind my back.

They once called me their savior, now I have to beg for respect. Now when everything is in front of my eyes, I washed out everything. I didn’t want this ever to happen, but destruction had already begun when I bought the respect for the first time! It was me who never understood in the illusion of Love and Respect. 

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