Friday, September 28, 2012


I dedicate this article to my films. It was in the month of January when I began with this journey. I initially started with small documentaries, accused, humiliated, shattered and a bit motivated. Started with the making of Life in IMS, few joined my team. Life in IMS is the ONLY documentary made on IMS which is officially launched all over.
Slowly and steadily I began enjoying my work. I was offered to make The Gulmohur, a documentary on my school. I relived my school days in the shoots, getting up early in the morning, getting ready for school, chanting morning prayers, singing school song and many more. The most nostalgic shoot ever in my entire journey.
Mean while I had already started working on TUNE MERE JAANA since the release of Life in IMS. TMJ was made and remade three times. It took almost one year to complete my dream project. During this span I learned a lot. I was supported by a big team and a wonderful star cast. TMJ broke all the previous records of BDL and till today it is the most successful project of BDL.
TMJ didn’t release because of some legal issues. Had to make a substitute for its release. It opened with a grand response and made BDL globally recognized. BDL turned into a brand. It got itself registered and attained its copyrights.
After the release of TMJ, I became curious about film making and now wanted to try my hands in film. Started analyzing HITCHHIKER, though I dreamt of making this film before my first project, DREAMS. But I waited for the correct time and experience. I can guarantee that HITCHHIKER wouldn’t have been the same as it looks today.
Meanwhile I was enrolled in numerous projects like The last Night- Series, Naari, Scream. I also tried my skill as an actor and producer. Learned some technical terms and something about promotions.
Editing has always been a plus point in my film making. I got what I exactly wanted in a scene by applying editing skill in my direction. I was never a good director, but editing helped me to reach my goals. I slowly and steadily learned new techniques and there is yet to learn more. Shooting made me feel energetic and enthusiastic. This journey saw many ups and downs, depression and fame. Evolved from ZERO and reached to new heights. Today people know me and love my work. Feels PROUD, SATISFIED and BLESSED.

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